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How You Can Help


Goal: $375,000

Raised: $210,000
    Our vision for Levi's Adventure Trail carries with it a hefty price tag. We want to make sure we're providing quality equipment that can stand the test of time and thousands of little adventurers.

Our fundraising is a critical part of everything right now, and besides the costs of parts and construction, we want to make sure that maintenance is considered so that Levi's Adventure Trail will provide a place for imaginations to come alive for years to come.

So, how can you help?

Every dollar goes to the project. You're not paying anyone's salary, and the majority of advertisements and flyers and even this website are donated by those who believe in Levi's Legacy.

You can help by just donating money. That's easy. Or you can donate your time to volunteer at a fundraising event, or perhaps talk to us about an idea you may have for an event. You can also purchase shirts, bracelets and other items on our Shop page that will contribute to the realization of our dream.

If you would like to donate securely via PayPal, click  HERE or on the button below. You will be taken to PayPal's secure server where you can complete the transaction.

If you would like to volunteer, click HERE to fill out our volunteer form and we'll be in touch.

Whatever you choose to do, thank you. Everyday we are closer to realizing Levi's Adventure Trail, and with your help and support, we will get there soon.
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