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Equipment Plans

We have big plans for Levi's Adventure Trail.  We're very excited to integrate our vision with Cape Girardeau County Parks Department in Cape County Park South, and look forward to realizing our dream!

If you checked out the interactive drawing on the home page, then you can see an artist's interpretation of what is to come.

Below are some additional perspectives on the layout for Levi's Adventure Trail.

Visit our Facebook page to share your input. We want to put our ides in front of you because we feel like everyone in Levi's "extended family" needs to have some input on the Adventure trail.

We are very excited to see Levi's Adventure Trail start to become a reality.  For more details on the specific elements of the Trail, you can read this PDF: Rocks and Ropes Nature Brochure


Please let us know what you think, or if you would like to help by donating then just click on the donate button below. 

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