Even superheroes need their families, so be super nice to yours!

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Levi's Adventure Crew

Levi's Adventure Crew is made up of four main super heroes with several supporting super heroes that will come along later.  The main Super Hero is Lightning Speed Levi. Although he is the smallest, Lightning Speed Levi possesses the greatest power of all: The power to inspire others to make our world a better place.  These heroes replicate the personalities and traits of our family members. Levi's sister Victoria named each of these Super Powered Heroes.
Introducing Levi's Adventure Crew...



Lightning Speed Levi


Volcano Magma


Eco Mom


Geothermal Equalizer

These crew members will live inside Levi's Adventure Trail and they will teach lessons throughout, including being Eco-Friendly, how to reduce your carbon foot print, eating healthy, exercising, learning facts about nature, how to be nice to your family and that its cool to learn and read, plus so much more.

Click on a hero to visit their own page, where you can read more about them and print out a coloring page!
Your kids imaginations will be running wild while in this interactive exhibit!

Click for a printable coloring page of the assembled heroes: Assembled Heroes Coloring Page

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