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As you can imagine, taking on a project like Levi's Adventure Trail takes the power of many volunteers, as well as the generous donations of people like you.

We are always on the hunt for large sponsors who are willing to give from the heart to help make Levi's Adventure Trail a reality. From fencing to concrete to play areas to maintenance, there is a lot to consider when it comes to a project of this magnitude.

So, we need your help. If you have a product, service or monetary donation to offer, please contact us and we can discuss all of the details with you. We want to thank you in advance for your help making Levi's legacy a reality.


  THANK YOU to our printing sponsor, The UPS Store in Poplar Bluff. They have been instrumental in helping us promote our events, decorate our special moments and bring color and life to our imaging. If you are in need of quality printing with professional service, give them a call today!

  Element 74 provided us with our website, and has continued to host it, support it and keep it running for us. BIG thanks to them for their professional work and big hearts!
  Many thanks to Laurel Adkisson with American Family Insurance, who has co-sponsored this year's Celebration of Life Event!
  Our other hosting sponsor for the Celebration of Life event is Innovative Financial Solutions. We appreciate your generocity!
  We are very grateful to the Cape Noon Optimist Club, who have sponsored Levi's Adventure Trail with a very generous donation of $30,000!

  Thank you very much to Cape West Rotary Club, who, through their annual radio auction, raised $17,000 and paid for one of the main climbing structures! 
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