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This video was shown at Levi's funeral, put together by Jen McBride of LaCroix Church's Children's Ministries in Cape Girardeau.

I wanted to share this special video that we made just a few months before the most tragic day of our lives.

For those of you that haven't had the pleasure to meet Levi this will show you just how sweet and precious our little Levi really was. We have received so many sweet messages, cards and emails from people that say they haven't ever gotten to meet Levi but after following his story they f...eel like they know him.

This will also help you to understand why our family is so determined to build this amazing exhibit for one of the sweetest little boys you would ever know. We want to share the love that Levi shared with us to as many people as we can!

Please share with us your thoughts after you see this very special video. I know it makes me cry everytime, I miss Levi with all of my heart and soul.

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