Welcome to Levi’s Adventure Trail! WE ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR FUN! Levi's Adventure Trail was opened to the public on 5 November 2017, and we've been so grateful for everyone who came together to make this vision a reality. 
We are in the process of creating a new website with our friends at Element 74. Please be patient with this older one as we move forward. Be sure to visit us on Facebook for all the latest info, to see photos of the Adventure Trail and more! 
Lightning Speed Levi
Never give up on your dreams!

Even superheroes need their families, so be super nice to yours!
Be kind to others - that's how you make new friends!
Volcano Magma
Reading is like opening a present for your imagination.
There's no such thing as a bad question, so ask away!
Try to learn one new thing about the world every day!
Eco Mom
Recycling makes a big difference to the environment.
Try growing your own favorite vegetables at home!
If you can't remember the last time you picked up litter, it's been too long!
Geothermal Equalizer
You don't need super powers to help those in need.
Don't forget to say "thank you" to the heroes in your own life.
The most powerful tool you will ever own is determination.
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