If you can’t remember the last time you picked up litter, it’s been too long!

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Lightning Speed Levi

Fast as lightning and fearless in the face of the unknown, Lightning Speed Levi tackles new adventures without hesitation. Powered by a passion for a clean Earth and healthy living, there’s nothing this brave hero can’t accomplish.

Don’t let his tiny size fool you! Lightning Speed Levi possesses the greatest power of all: The power to inspire others to make our world a better place.

Lightning Speed Levi Says:

Never give up on your dreams!

Lightning Speed Levi Says:
Even superheroes need their families, so be super nice to yours!

Lightning Speed Levi Says:
Be kind to others – that’s how you make new friends!

Click for a printable coloring page of Lightning Speed Levi: Lightning Speed Levi Coloring Page

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